Elk Valley Crafters


Elk Valley Crafters Association

Fayetteville, Tennessee

Established 1995

Hand crafts were born from necessity by our ancestors before automation came into existence especially in the South. As automation became more advanced the art of hand crafting waned for a time but a few people became interested in hand crafts and discovered it was a relaxing and enjoyable hobby. As more people picked up the hobby an appreciation grew from others who saw their usefulness as well as beauty and began purchasing the handcrafted items from the hobbyist.

    On January 22, 1995, a group of hobbyists met at the Chamber of Commerce building in Fayetteville, with hopes of forming an organization where hobbyists could meet, exchange, and encourage ideas, expand the field of hand crafts and find a means of selling their hand crafts through local craft shows. Thus was born the Elk Valley Crafters Association.

All fees collected from the craft shows are donated to charitable and worthwhile organizations in the community. Over the past 20 years, a total of over $100,000.00 has been donated. Some of these organizations include the Senior Center, Lincoln County High School, Boy Scouts, Project Graduation, Humane Society, Lincoln County High School Wrestling Team, Scholarships, Robotics Club, Huntland School Art Program, Child Development Center, Park City Volunteer Fire Department, Junior House, South Lincoln Ball Teams, Toys for Tots, Hands of Mercy, Clothe Our Kids, and many more.

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