Elk Valley Crafters Association

Show Rules


*Early application does not necessarily mean acceptance into the show. First come, first serve. There will be no reserving booths at the show.
*There is no guarantee of setting up in the same space each show but we will do our best to accommodate if possible.
* All work must be original, finished and produced by the Craftsmen. No flea market items and no direct sales.
*No set-up will be allowed for anyone until the appointed time. NO EXCEPTIONS. We are using the High School facilities, we must work around the after school activities.
*No one will be allowed to back up onto the sidewalk at the front entrance for unloading.
*Craftsmen must register with the show committee before setting up. Packets will be available for you at this time. Crafters and their representatives are to wear their badges during the show.
*Unprofessional conduct and/or failure to comply with show rules are just cause for removal from the show.
*Each craftsman must furnish his own display equipment and accessories, including electrical cords. Tables should be draped to the floor on all sides. Backdrops and displayed items shall not exceed a maximum of 8' high and must be finished front and back. Each exhibitor will stay within the allotted space including provision for entrance and exit. This applies to overhanging exhibits as well.
*No tents allowed.
*Trash pickup and space cleanup is the responsibility of the vendor.
*When using stains, paints, etc. a protective covering must be placed on the floors, under and around work. No paint or other materials may be sprayed during the show.
*No open flames or candles are allowed by order of Fayetteville Fire Marshall.
*No dismantling or packing of merchandise prior to show closing. Any exhibitor in violation, will be banned from future shows for a period of two years or four shows.
*Lincoln County TN sales tax rate is 9.5%. Collecting and reporting is the responsibility of the exhibitor.
*Lincoln County High School and Elk Valley Crafters Association will not be held responsible for loss or damage of any kind.
*No photography allowed, other than your own booth. An EVCA representative may take pictures, but will need your permission.
*There will be a $10.00 handling fee on all cancellations. There will be NO refunds on cancellations made within 30 days prior to the show. A $30.00 fee will be added to all returned checks.
*Smoking is prohibited on school grounds.
*Booth space is limited to four per person/business.

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